We inherit many valuable stories and hidden lessons from the generations that came before us — some of which can be imbued with wounding. With this in mind, we’ve developed our social mission as a framework for delivering direct healing support to victims of intergenerational and systemic trauma.

The SIDIA Stories Grant

To launch our brand’s SIDIA Stories Grant Fund, we have the honor of collaborating with The Open Series: a platform that creates tools and sacred space for healing and evolving our stories. Rooted in a blend of written and spoken story exploration, and a variety of healing practices, The Open Series provides comprehensive tools for growth and transformation.

In Fall 2020, SIDIA sponsored full healing services for 8 SIDIA Stories Grant Recipients to enroll into an intensive with The Open Series entitled “The Time is Now : Sculpting Your Story for a Changing World”. This program creates a space for those acutely impacted by systemic traumas — including racism, patriarchy and white supremacy —  to begin to examine how these systems have shaped their lives, and heal from their impact.

In Conversation with Hosanna Marshall 

The Open Series is inspired by the healing journey of its Founder, Hosanna Marshall. It was a foot injury in 2016 that awakened her to all the ways she’d been walking in pain. It was a call to heal, in all the ways. Open is a love letter to her healing, and a creation of space for others to do the same. As she lives, she shares the tools that have changed her life. StorySculpting, a modality of Hosanna’s creation, is a product of healing and sharing in this way. 

After the completion of the SIDIA Stories Grant sessions, we caught up with Hosanna to talk about the power of intuition & healing. 

How does intuition inform your practice?

Many of us have been educated and socialized to use the mind to understand and navigate the world. The mind is brilliant and powerful, yet it can be harmful when that’s the only tool of perception we use. When teamed up with the Ego, the mind can reflect a pretty judgmental and limiting view of the world and block our greater vision of who we truly are. We can find ourselves stuck in old patterns, beliefs and stories that no longer serve us and that we can’t seem to liberate ourselves from.

A central part of my practice, and the healing process in general, is awakening to the many other centers of wisdom and intuition we have access to. We learn to tap into all our bodies - physical but also energetic and emotional - and create space to inquire more deeply into ourselves. We also connect with the divine for guidance and higher vision. With this deeper connection within we open up new space for understanding, healing and liberation.

What were some key takeaways from the healing done during these sessions?

The Time Is Now course arrived right on time, in a challenging year in which we were all called to look at ourselves more deeply. The participants came to the course ripe and ready for some deep, transformative work… 

The theme of the course was to explore the effects of oppressive systems on our Stories - racism, white supremacy, capitalism, individualism, ableism, patriarchy, gender normative constructs and any isms, biases and binaries that may have separated you from yourself and others. 

In the course, we first explored the beliefs at the root of our Stories. For many participants guilt, grief, shame and a lack of self worth were prevalent - and when explored through the lens of systems we were able to understand how we arrived there. From there we created a safe yet brave space for all of our parts to emerge - the parts in the light and the parts in shadow. With an array of spiritual tools, we brought those parts into conversation to hear and then begin to heal old wounds. From there we opened space to transmute old narratives into powerful Stories of liberation and possibility.  

There were profound realizations and transformations in the course, on individual levels and as a group. I am honored and humbled to have held space for it…

Do you have any advice for those looking to start the healing process?

Healing is an ongoing journey that has many chapters. You don’t need to know the final destination, just take the first step and trust that the next one will reveal itself after that… 

Follow your intuition. If a healing experience is calling to you, there is a reason. Your higher self is calling for that nourishment, so trust yourself and open up and try it. 

Also, healing happens on an individual level but is magnified in community. So if you find a space or practitioner that resonates with you, make a ‘spiritual home’ there. Connect with others in the community, ask your teachers for guidance and keep checking in with yourself on what’s calling you next…