SIDIA x EW.Pharmacy BRALESS Dried Florals

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SIDIA + EW.Pharmacy want to give women their flowers through this collaboration by pairing dried arrangements that parallel our signature candle scents.

There is no one more in tune with nature and floral artistry than Megumi Shinozaki, and her exploration into our scent notes and ingredients creates for an intelligent twist on Braless + Wired.

Megumi Shinozaki is a Japanese Flower Artist who launched edenworks in 2009 to showcase her deep-rooted passion for crafting flowers into creations that enchant and surprise alike.
In 2017, she launched EW.Pharmacy in Oku-Shibuya, Tokyo, and later branched out with PLANT, a space for exhibiting floral creations to life.

Her paper flower installations have been exhibited globally, including in Amsterdam, Paris, Shanghai, and across Japan.

This product is imported from Japan. 

Floral Details

No.01 oregano 

/ Lamiaceae / The Mediterranean / Shimmering, Blessings from nature. Crowns or oregano were worn at weddings, as the herb is said to bring happiness.

No.02 curry plant

/ Asteraceae / The Mediterranean / Immortal love, Originality. Known as the “permanent flower” because it maintains its shape and bright colour.

No.03 neem tree

/ Meliaceae / India / Solidarity. Components of its seeds are effective insect repellents.

No.04 cape snow

/ Asteraceae / South Africa / Peace, Hope. Leaves and stems are covered by a wool like layer.

No.05 winged everlasting

/ Asteraceae / Australia / Solemn Promises. The white parts are known as the involucre and the yellow part in the centre is the flower.

Flowers Measure 180 x 250

Caring For Your Florals

You will find that each dried arrangement is both long lasting, and low maintenance (we call that a win-win).

To preserve the life and quality of your arrangement, we recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight and humid environments.

Dried flowers are ornamental flowers, and are non-edible. Each arrangement is long lasting & eco friendly, to create a gorgeous display for your space.

Display Your Bouquet

Your dry floral bouquet displays beautifully within the clean WIRED or BRALESS vessel.

We recommend trimming the wick to a 1/4 inch, to reduce debris in the candle for a safer burn. Burn the candle for no more than 4 hours at a time, and cease use when there is 1/2 an inch of wax remaining in the vessel.

Repurpose the vessel by freezing the candle for a few hours, before removing and discarding any remaining wax (this ensures an easy removal). After the vessel has come completely to room temperature, fill 3/4 full with boiling water to loosen and remove the wick and metal base. Clean with soap and warm water, and enjoy the dried flowers for eternity.


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