Style, self-care, and social media with Holly Liss Jammet

Style, self-care, and social media with Holly Liss Jammet

Holly Liss Jammet is a social media OG. Before founding the social media agency Enlisst, she led social for brands like goop, Theory and Helmut Lang. How does a bi-coastal, entrepreneur and mom find time for self-care? Read the full interview on our website to find out. 


Since moving from New York to LA, what does 'home' mean to you?

"I'm back and forth to New York and LA, but since having two kids we've really started to put our roots down in LA. I'm a born-and-raised Angeleno, so it feels cozy to be back. Home to me is familiarity and memories. Whether it's a smell coming from the kitchen that reminds me of holiday's growing up or a taste of something that brings me back to a particular era. Home is sensory, it's an experience that just feels good."

Who are the important women or matriarchs in your life?

"My mother, Verna and mother-in-law, Rita. They are icons. Two incredibly hardworking women that thrived in their careers, while raising a big family in major cities. No small feat!"


You’ve led social for our favourite brands, like Theory and Goop. How has the game changed since you started? Any tips on how to cultivate community online?  

"I've been in the social media game for over 15 years. It has dramatically changed! Bloggers became influencers, Foursquare check-ins are a thing of the past, and today a strong TikTok presence is a necessity. Social moves at the speed of culture, so every day you are waking up to something new. My biggest tip is always be the first and authenticity over everything!"

"Happy mama, happy family, happy everyone! When you become a mom, you need that break for self-care. You show up 10 times better as a mom when you prioritize self-care. Style has not been sacrificed since having children. We gotta keep it chic!"


What are the milestones you’re most proud of since launching Enlisst?

"One of my clients went viral over 50+ times in one year on social. It was bananas."


In between school drop off and work meetings, what’s the one step in your self-care routine you can’t skip?

"Hydration! Alkaline water and my lip balms (there are many in rotation at once!)"





How do you 'come home to yourself’?

"My multi-step skincare routine from head to toe. I'm religious about it every night before bed."


Holly's Ritual:

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