Winter is officially upon us - and for all those not akin to the lack of sunlight, frozen driveways, and dry skin that comes along with the white blanket of snow out our front doors, that can be a hard pill to swallow. And yet, not all hope is lost: enter winter layering (aka the perfect assemblage of pieces, curated into a look that is not only personal to you and your style, but keeps you warm, too).

And if it’s not winter where you live? a) enjoy that sunshine! And b) keep on reading; you don’t want to miss this outfit inspiration.

At SIDIA, we believe a well-layered look is the ultimate expression of personal style and story. Maybe it’s a jacket borrowed from your sibling, paired with a favourite sweatshirt stolen from a certain someone, and those flea market jewels purchased on a street corner from your last trip abroad. Or perhaps a vintage heirloom passed from down through generations, paired with your latest thrift store score, and the first designer bag you bought at 25. There’s something mysterious about a masterfully layered look; a combination of elements new and old, hinting at stories only you and a select few are privy.

It must have a certain effortless quality, an “oh I just threw this together” or a “what, this old thing?” Yet layering is an art form of it’s own, with each feature - big or small - playing it's own part in the finished product. Think of your classic cake (We're envisioning strawberry shortcake here, but insert your favourite sweet treat); an egg on it’s own is just an egg - but when mixed with some flour, sugar, and a bit of love, it becomes an entirely new (and delicious) creation. And such is the layered look: a culmination of ingredients, though seemingly mundane on their own, which come together to create something entirely new and delightful.

But then again - don’t overthink it. Ahhh the paradox of effortless style.

For your inspiration: our favourite ways to layer your very own caftan or set, direct from SIDIA’s CEO.

Layer your Cardi over a contrasting knit turtleneck, and pair with a matching beanie, and textured flannel. A crossbody shoulder bag with chain detailing completes the look. Erin wears the Set in Searle.

Proof once again that a camel trench goes with everything. Roll up the sleeves for that easygoing, effortless feel, and pair with a colourful sneaker to add an extra pep in your step. Erin wears the Vital Green Caftan. 

Two words: elevated leisure. Throw on a comfy sweatshirt over a soft knit caftan, paired with a sleek sneaker because you've got places to go. Layer with your favourite accessories to tie it all together. Erin wears the Early Riser Caftan. 

Don't be afraid to mix prints and patterns, balanced with neutral pieces in between. A belt brings subtle definition between the vertical layers, while black sunglasses and chunky vintage earrings finish the look. Oh la la. Erin wears the Wild Grace caftan. 

Which look was your favourite? Let us know below.

And don't forget, we love to see how you style your SIDIA! Tag us in your looks @sidiathebrand, or email any photos into hi@sidiathebrand.com, for a chance to be featured. 

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