Our story starts here: meet our Founder + CEO, Erin Kleinberg.

Mother, daughter, partner, entrepreneur, home interiors obsessive, Scorpio, sister. 

Your brand is named after your grandmother and your family's guiding matriarch, Sidia. What did her story teach you, and how does it inspire the brand?

There was so much to be learned from hearing my grandmother's stories and remembering them. Failure, success, how she got through obstacles and adversity. There's no better time than now to have a platform where we can hear from all sorts of women about their matriarchs - mothers, grandmothers and even friends. But I think putting the spotlight right now on the wisdom found in relationships is what we're about. How that knowledge helps us guide generations to come, and live our lives in the present with ease. 

Part of that is creating intentionally beautiful products that help us enjoy each day with simplicity, which is why we created SIDIA. 

Sidia was known for having a signature sense of style. What did you take away from watching her own it?

She taught me about what is really means to have a look. Every day was a new expression through her outfit. she lived so proudly as an immigrant mother of three children, coming o this country from Poland as a Holocaust survivor. She really had to work her ass off to make it, and I think. her style was an expression of how proud she was.


Do you believe in intuition?

1000%! I feel that as our gut instinct guides us from deep in our subconscious, our decisions are made and creativity takes shape. I love that deep fire inside by belly, it has guided me in the right direction so many times.

Erin wears the After Midnight & Sage On The Beach caftans. 
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