In celebration of vintage renewals & timeless interior décor.

We teamed up with Abigail Campbell, founder and curator of Abigail Bell Vintage, to create a limited edition collection inspired by the IRL Sidia.

From her matching set moments to her time spent in Palm Springs (aka the mecca of unique vintage finds), Sidia herself served as a constant inspiration of vintage nostalgia. We couldn’t think of a better collaboration, celebrating sustainability & spotlighting the circulatory life of these objets d’arts. In a nod to giving new life to the singular and whimsical finds passed through generations, enter SIDIA x ABV: a match made on cloud nine.

Abigail founded ABV in 2008, as a destination for curated vintage and contemporary homeware pieces. Since taking to the social space in 2016, the store has made a name for itself with a stylized feed of dreamy hues, checkered backdrops and midcentury modern design. Below, we had the opportunity to ask Abby about her mentors, design inspiration and curation process.

Who are the SIDIAs in your own life? The women who have inspired your spirit and way of being?

My mother and my aunt have always been huge advocates for shopping vintage and secondhand. I grew up going to auctions with my parents where they would score the most incredible antique pieces from all over the world for next to nothing—this definitely sparked my love of the hunt.

On southern road trips, we would stop at every antique mall advertised via billboard. I started little collections so I would have things to look for while browsing the booths—ballerina figurines, deer figurines, and jewelry were among my favorites to seek out. 

On trips to visit my aunt, we would wake up at sunrise and drive around to all of the garage sales and estate sales we could find. I feel so lucky that something I feel so passionately about was instilled in me by my family and that I was able to turn that passion into a career.

What does living beautifully mean to you? And how have you incorporated both circularity and personal expression into this practice?

Living beautifully in the literal sense starts with my space. When I surround myself with pieces that I love and inspire me, it allows me to better live beautifully in the figurative sense. 

Collecting and curating vintage is how I express myself creatively and I’m so grateful that I get to share my passions with others. Not only are vintage pieces made better, they’re rich in history, more unique, and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. 

What does the collection and curation process for each of your pieces look like?

I’ve always been fueled by passion when it comes to sourcing. I don’t set out with any ideas in mind—I just walk into a space and collect the pieces that speak to me. 

Where do you find the most joy in your work?

I find the most joy in my work when I see a piece I’ve sourced styled in a customer’s home. That’s the ultimate end goal—find a beautiful, under-appreciated piece and get it into the hands of someone who will love and cherish it.

Shop SIDIA x ABV here, dropping 03.29.22. Limited quantities available.

Abigail is currently based in Miami, where she is documenting her 1930s Bungalow renovation. You can shop her website here, and follow along on instagram @abigailbellvintage

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