We get it, laundry day can be… intimidating. 


We all know the rewarding feeling of finding something that fits well and feels good on (our goal with every SIDIA piece). Which makes it all the more tragic when one unfortunate accident sets you back to square one; one shrunken sweater more and we might resign from cleaning clothes all together (is that allowed?).
Though your sweatpants may eventually pill, and that shrunken t-shirt is now a better fit for your dog, when it comes to SIDIA we’ve got you covered. Don’t leave it up to fate, with a silent prayer every time the washer or dryer turns on - take your power back, and keep on reading.

Caftan Care 

For most SIDIA items, the golden rule is to wash cold on a gentle cycle, and let air dry. Getting into specifics, there are a few helpful hints we can offer to keep your SIDIAs looking their best.

Our Tencel caftans (see Wild Graceare made from 100% Tencel Lyocell, and have a woven structure with minimal stretch. Made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp, the fabric is environmentally sustainable and biodegradable. We’d describe this material almost as a light suede, with a lovely weight to it that feels luxurious and soft yet refined.

We recommend washing cold using the gentle cycle, and hanging the garment to dry. As a natural fabric, it’s normal for your caftan to stiffen slightly when washed. In most cases, the natural warmth of your body will soften the material to it’s original state. Alternatively, you can briefly pop it in the dryer on low heat with a damp towel, which should do the trick. Use an iron on the lowest setting for any touch-ups.
Next up, our mid stretch caftans (see Palo Santo Sage, Gold Dust, Yosemite and the Half Caf), made from a luxe jersey material. These have a softer flow and drape on the body, and are oh-so soft to touch. 

Again, be sure to wash cold on the gentle cycle with similar colours, and let air dry to keep them soft all year round.

Finally, our Bamboo caftans (see After MidnightEarly Riser and Paloma) have the most stretch and ease on the body, made from a bamboo-rayon blend. Almost cool to the touch and blissfully smooth on the skin, this fabric is pre-washed for the softest t-shirt feel.

Surprise surprise, be sure to wash your SIDIA cold on the gentle cycle with similar colours. To dry, lay the caftan flat on a folding rack rather than hanging, to prevent unnecessary stretching.

Sets Care

We couldn’t finish off without a brief note on sets: made from a bamboo blend with the perfect weighted drape, the same washing instructions apply. 

Keep in mind that your set will look like it has shrunk slightly straight out of the wash, but will dry to it’s original size. In any case, we’d recommend slightly stretching the garment (particularly the Palazzo Pant) before laying it out to dry over a folding rack.

Et voila! The ultimate caftan care directory, to guarantee a long and happy life (and no shrinkage) for your SIDIA collection.

Don’t forget to email or DM us on social with any questions you might have (or just to say hi). We’d love to hear from you.

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