THE PERFECT GIFT, according to your zodiac

THE PERFECT GIFT, according to your zodiac

At SIDIA, we've got gift-giving down to a science. We like to think that astrology is the perfect mix of both science and spirituality - and to be honest, I've found it to be more accurate then I care to admit! To keep things simple, we've broken it down into the 4 main elements under which each zodiac sign is divided: fire, air, earth and water. 

Leave it to the stars to help with the holiday stress this year, and give a gift that perfectly compliments the personality and *energy* of your loved ones.

For The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Like the name suggests, these signs are excitable, creative, and passionate when lit up by life. They are known for their spontaneity and love of all things bright and bold, and are fiercely loyal to their friends and loved ones.

Wild Grace: One of our most beloved caftans, in bold cheetah-inspired print, to ignite the fire sign in your life to step into their power and potential.

Half CafChoose between three bright, eye-catching colours, or a classic black that let's their personality speak for itself. Try a Watermelon pink for the radiant fun-loving Leo, or Cerulean for the loyal and assertive Sagittarius. 

Rust Canyon Set: Our newest set, in a rich rust shade, representing vigour, courage and love; how better to describe the fire sign in your life?

For The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Like a breath of fresh air, who always seem to be a bit ahead of the times. Moving between different passions and hobbies to keep inspired and in flow, these airy signs always seem to be in motion. Aesthetics and environment are important, and though indecisive at times (or as we like to say, thoughtful and meticulous), they keep cool, calm and collected.

Yosemite: Luxurious on the skin, with the softest drape; the perfect canvas to offset a statement earring or bold sneaker - depending on the mood and tone of the day.

Searle Set: Can't commit to one look? The SIDIA set is your new go-to, in a classic heathered shade, without sacrificing on style or comfort. Pair as a set for a relaxed lounge look, or mix and match as separates with your favourite wardrobe essentials; a set you can rely on, no matter the mood or occasion. 


Paloma: For all those artistically inclined, with a name inspired by the daughter of Picasso himself. A soft grey balanced with a delicate caramel stripe, that screams cool, calm and collected - and anything but basic. 

For The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

You can always count on an earth sign to talk through your latest life drama, keep your secrets, say it like it is and keep things real; they just get it, ya know? With a love of all things sensorially and visually beautiful, they have great taste, plain and simple. Consistent and persistent, they won't let anything get in the way of achieving their goals. 

Palo Santo SageInspired by it's namesake, Palo Santo is sure to help the earth sign in your life get in touch with themselves, connect with nature and ground in the present moment. Let that sh*t go!

Sunny Dunes SetThe carefully thought-through details in each SIDIA set make it the perfect gift for all earthly gals - inspired by the rich yellow tones in desert landscapes. Detail oriented with a love of all things well-made, they're sure to appreciate the tortoise shell buttons, 3/4 length sleeves, and ribbed fabric that make up our best selling Set.

Early Riser: In a soft grey that feels as nice on the skin as it looks; meet your new capsule wardrobe piece, as reliable as the person wearing it. From lounging around the house in comfy socks, layering jewelry to take it to lunch, or getting out in nature with bare feet and a good book, Early Riser has got your back.

For The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

In tune with themselves, their emotions, their intelligence - and just a little bit mysterious. They feel everything fully, and have the ability to almost "read the room," which can take a lot of energy. A sense of security is important to these signs to hold their fluid energy, and give them the grace to stand in their strength - And you won't find a more creative group.

Cloud Nine: For the emotional water sign, a sense of grounding is important to take care of themselves, and recharge each morning and night. Designed for morning sunrises and moments of self care and made from a plush Bamboo Velour, Cloud Nine makes the perfect addition to any self-care routine.

Cosmic Blvd Set: The perfect match to a water sign's magical energy. Our signature red thread at the wrist offers extra protection and strength, to empower the water sign to embrace her natural strengths and potential. 

Gold Dust: For the aesthetically attuned and new-age thinker, dreamy periwinkle and gold details make for the perfect combination. Sure to bring out one's inner creative through your next inspired endeavour. 

What element does your sign fall under?

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