Ashley Lennon on Ambition, Motherhood, and Home

Ashley Lennon on Ambition, Motherhood, and Home

In 2018, Ashley Lennon and her husband Christion road tripped through Marfa and Sedona. The desert vistas had evoked a sense of calm and focus they had been seeking, but couldn’t find. Finally, their inspiration took shape in a brand of clothing and objects that channelled this feeling and sense of purpose. They called it: Museum of Peace & Quiet. MoPQ is a contemporary brand with an age-old ethos: clear your mind to focus on what matters. Think comfy-cool t-shirts, gauzy muslin button ups, and accessories like ashtrays and leather-bound notebooks that evoke a quieter, nature-filled life (but not, like, without WiFi). 

Beyond running her brand, Ashley is a mom, lifelong Californian, and clean skincare devotee. We caught up with her to talk about motherhood, her essential body care ritual, and why you just have to ‘go for it’.


What does 'home' mean to you?

"My idea of home has changed massively over the years. Home is a place where I have everything I need. It’s definitely a feeling of completeness because I feel at home in so many different places and with all my loved ones.

Who are the important women or matriarchs in your life?

"All the women who I can call Mother :)"

From life and business to style and intuition, what lessons have these women imparted that you keep with you?

"Let’s start with my mother. My mother taught me many things, but here, she’s taught me the importance of being independent and taking pride in the work that you do. My second mother, Grandma Lina. She helped raise me and my cousins. Such a privilege to be able to be under her loving care growing up. She taught me softness and grace. And lastly, My bonus mother. My Mother in law, Rosie. She taught me a lot about my confidence in speaking up." 


“Go for it. Whatever ‘it’ is— you just never know unless you try.” 


How has motherhood changed your relationship to…everything? Beauty, your body, business? 

"I realized once I entered motherhood what it was like to have someone else be at the centre of my universe. Suddenly everything doesn’t revolve around me anymore and in a good way I’ve learned how to prioritize and minimize my routines."

How are style and wellness connected for you?

"My philosophy is simple. I think comfort goes hand in hand with style and wellness in my life and what I’m most comfortable doing."

What's your mission with MOPQ?

"I have some pretty big goals with MoPQ. There are countless ways to keep pushing it forward but evolving as a brand is most important."


What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?

Go for it. Whatever ‘it’ is— you just never know unless you try. I have more regrets about not taking action versus going for it."

What’s the one step in your body care ritual you can’t skip?

"Love my body oils."

You live in Costa Mesa with your family outside of the LA fray. What does it mean to ‘come home to yourself’?

"Finding comfort and sinking into myself. There’s a saying: “It’s lovely to go away, but even nicer to come home.


Ashley's Ritual:

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