Although she was raised in the business and science world, Poonam Saha has always reflected on the influence of creativity throughout her family. From visual arts and music, to fashion and self-expression, "my mom has always had a creative influence on my brothers and I. She has always been a singer of classical Indian music, she has always been the star of her own life. Simply put, she loves beautiful things."

As a mother herself, Poonam draws inspiration from her matriarch's deeply rooted confidence and sense of self. In her life today, she finds both peace and presence in precious moments taken to connect back with her own self-expression. 

My self-identity has felt like a moving target since the pandemic started; we entered the pandemic as a couple that was expecting a baby, we will exit the pandemic as a family. It’s very surreal to try to pinpoint my story, as it is evolving every day.

Why is your Sidia so important to you? 

My mother has always been a person that takes immense pride in her appearance and how she presents herself to the external world. This has evidently been the case through her life! I admire that she has always taken time to put her best foot forward. Becoming a mom myself in 2020, this has been a valuable reminder for myself to take care of myself so that I can be at my best for others. I hope to impart this life lesson to my daughter in years to come. 

What have you picked up from her along the way re style, intuition, gut instinct, or life lessons?

When it comes to my mom’s style, more is more. There’s always been an element of glamour that underscores my mother’s presence. She’s entered a very zen era of life that feels so effortless and it has taught me to work on acceptance of current circumstances and to know that nothing is permanent. I’m so lucky to have her wisdom in my life, especially navigating motherhood.

Do you have any favourite pieces you’ve inherited from your mom?

For a while during my adolescence while I still lived at home, clothing was very fluid between my closet and my mom’s. We often would buy the same things or decide to purchase something that we would knowingly share, particularly because we were the same shoe size. She has always been open to lending me fine jewelry, which is very special. 

Things I’ve acquired from her vast wardrobe: a vintage camel wool coat with a fur collar that is ridiculously on-trend now, Prada espadrilles, silk maxi skirts in different jewel tones. 
Pictured [above] (me in my first pregnancy, July 2020): A pair of Louis Vuitton sandals (c. early 2000s) that I convinced my mother to buy that have ultimately wound up in my possession, worn with a vintage kameez (long tunic) that my grandmother made my mother when she was expecting one of my older brothers, which was finished with lace acquired from a bridal shop in Hamilton, ON. 

What practises help you to stay connected to yourself, and find presence during your day?

My makeup routine has been a malleable thing since becoming a mother. I can’t say I wear nearly as much makeup as I used to pre-baby or pre-pandemic, but the transformative and grounding nature of just focusing on myself for even 5-10 minutes to get concealer on, curl my lashes, sort out my brows…that’s an easy way to reconnect with myself. 

I find decompression is easiest when the day is done, the toddler is asleep and I can zone out in the shower for 10 minutes. It’s so minor, but it helps me feel like whatever has happened in the day is washing away and I can unwind by myself accordingly. Being present is always a challenge with life feeling like a steady whirlwind, but we make an active effort to avoid devices when we are spending time with our daughter individually or hanging as a family. 

When was the last time you really laughed out loud?

My husband has these ways of making me laugh so hard that it’s almost uncontrollable. I end up laughing silently, which looks absolutely deranged, but I can go on laughing for 5 minutes. It’s usually the result of his quick witted hot take on a situation we are facing that just lands perfectly with my sense of humour. It doesn’t happen constantly, as our humour differs greatly, but when it happens, it makes me so happy and grateful to be blessed with such a funny partner. 

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