ROXANNE MORRISON, an homage to The Womxn

ROXANNE MORRISON, an homage to The Womxn

Roxanne Morrison finds strength, creative inspiration, and drive from the exploration of, and all that is, The Womxn. 

A multidisciplinary artist and creative, she pays ultimate homage to the woman's body, sensuality and spirit through her work as a sculptor. Inspired by the day-to-day movements we make when no-one is watching (or when everyone is watching), each piece is a celebration of the female body. Handmade and one of a kind, the naturally occurring imperfections reflect the resilient and multifaceted qualities which both set us apart as women, and bind us as one.  

When do you feel most creative and/or inspired? 

My creative flow comes in waves, and there is truly no rhyme or reason so I just need to be ready and hold on tight when it comes! And I definitely feel most inspired by traveling, it's where all of my money and resources go. So I travel whenever I can to fill up that inspo bank from far away lands. 

What are the unexpected ways you practice creativity in your every day?

Sex is definitely my most sacred creative practice, with myself or with my partner. Also, playing with clothes and fashion is a big creative outlet for me. I really love thrifting, it's such a cathartic experience for me to sift through forgotten pieces and breathe new life into them. 

If your intuition had a voice, what would it sound like? 

She is honestly a pretty tough bitch haha. When my intuition is at play there is a real strength and definitive nature about it. Her voice is deep and raspy -a very old wise woman comes through to protect me and guide me. I feel very safe in her presence. 

How does femininity play into your process? 

Femininity is change. There is a fabulous mutable quality to the feminine energy. Constantly evolving, never stagnant. Sometimes my femininity is gentle and supple, loving and receptive. Sometimes my femininity is a warrior with unwavering strength and vision, it can also be a sexual sorceress and other times messy and weepy. This mutability feels so free to me, which is how I approach my sculptures. I sit down, in whatever state I'm in, and welcome the clay to reveal itself to me- never expecting anything from it, but welcoming the multitudes with curiosity. That is femininity to me.

A short doc by Roxanne featuring her studio, Le Minou. 

Directed by Roxanna Dunlop @whosroxy
Cinematographer: Arin Meyer @arinmeyer
Production Coordinator: Alice Barros @aliceleigh123
Editor: Landry Allbright @notlaundry
Colorist: Kinan Chabani @kinanchabani 
Sound Mix: Lauren Kleeman @explaurentheworld

You can follow Roxy's creative projects IRL @roxannemorrison, and her studio Explore her art and film making, or book an astrology session on her website,

Roxanne wears the After Midnight caftan. 

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