SIDIA STORIES: Aurielle Sayeh

SIDIA STORIES: Aurielle Sayeh

Meet Aurielle: Creative Director, Consultant, Producer, Mother, Founder, DJ and Feng Shui master. 

Below, we had the opportunity to chat with Aurielle to celebrate the women and their stories in her life.

Who are the women who have inspired you in your life?

Definitely my aunts and my late Mother. As black women, I don’t think until you’re older and a mother you understand just how much they go through, and sacrifice.

I am really connected to my ancestry that way. Even my grandmother on my dad's side who is Persian— she got married at 14 in an arranged marriage and had 4 kids before 17. She is now 76 years old and has been running her family since. The bravery and sadness of it all makes you appreciate life and how you choose to live it. 

What lessons have you picked up from them, re style, intuition, spirit in life?

My mom was the coolest and incredibly chic. She was a model and super into fashion. My dad said people would stare at her when they’d go places together. She was also on the flip side, very fearful of leaving home and dreaming big. I think I was quite the opposite. I have always done big things that scared me, but also that gave me adrenaline. Like moving to Paris on a whim at 26 and overstaying my Visa for a year to live there (I ended up doing things legally. Or staying in Europe for over 8 years. If it weren’t for my mom's fear, I think I’d never be like "just do it"! She cheered me on a lot when she was alive too because  I was doing all of the things she wished she had gone for. 

I also have crazy intuition from the women in my family, but I also think that comes with being a Black woman. I believe that G-d dropped a little more intuition and knowing in Black women to compensate for all Black people have been through, as a tool to survive. 

How do you balance your creative projects, entrepreneurship, and motherhood?

Currently I don’t know! I just try my hardest and ask for help at times from my little community! I also just try try try to create a tiny routine, and to take care of myself by taking vitamins or trying to avoid getting sick. I’m still in the sacrificial period of adjusting. My baby is only 9 months old, but it’s a ride. 

What practises help you to stay connected to yourself, and find presence during your day?

I meditate and listen to podcasts. I also take piping hot showers and order take out when I need to. If I don’t have time to cook sometimes I don’t eat. My daughter is in my arms asleep as I write this. I’ve just joined Territory Foods to have some meals come, so I can focus on work a bit. I’m currently doing the Chopra 21 Days of Abundance Meditation and it’s such a breathe of fresh air. We also go to the park whenever the weather permits. 

When do you feel the most comfortable and confident in yourself?

When I’m being creative and I like what I’m creating. I’m still working on the feeling confident on the outside part, but I plan on doing a mommy makeover soon and getting back to the gym! 

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