DELPHINE DEL VAL, on Self Discovery – SIDIA

DELPHINE DEL VAL, on Self Discovery – SIDIA

Meet POOL Creatives Founder: Delphine Del Val

Entrepreneur, creative consultant, daughter, hiker - and quintessentially chic. 

What parts of your journey have left a lasting mark on you?

Definitely moving to NYC, not knowing anyone, and rediscovering myself. It's freeing and scary at the same time to get to be who you want to be, who you really are, and make all the good and bad decisions for yourself. I grew so much the first two years living here. And, of course meeting my husband and understanding what my mom meant when she said "when you know, you know."

Wes gave me the best advice, the one he knew I needed, "Run your own race." Starting POOL Creatives, getting to build and continue building a company that represents my taste, my vision, values, my wishes, that evolves with me, with everything and everyone around me is an incredible journey. It's also an incredible challenge, but I am excited everyday.

What's your first memory of nature?

Hiking in the Alps with my parents and my sister Lulu, having a picnic by the lake, my dad taking pictures of flowers and plants.


If your intuition had a voice what would it sound like?

Probably my mother's. she passed away a few years ago, and I always wonder what she would think, what she would do, would she be proud? And I feel her guidance. It's a strange thing to say I guess, but she is here.

Delphine wears First Blush & After Midnight.
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