SIDIA Stories x Alexis Badiyi

SIDIA Stories x Alexis Badiyi
Meet Alexis Badiyi, the L.A.-born, Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary creative who’s quickly become one of our favorite follows for her timeless style, impeccable eye and feed of perfect vintage finds, farflung travels and inspiring interiors. She was kind enough to go tête-à-tête with us over email to fill us in on her process, the formative family heirlooms that inform her style and the importance of intuition.

From being born and raised in LA, spending time with family in NYC and Paris, to now putting down roots in Brooklyn, what does 'home' feel like to you?

"My home feels calm, supportive, relaxing. I return here to reset, digest and create. I’m grateful to live in a quiet neighborhood, near good friends, and just outside the city."


Who are the important women / matriarchs in your life?

"My mother & grandmother!"



“Develop a connection to your eye, gut & intuitive vision. Build on that and let it shine through everything you do.”


What lessons have you picked up from them (style, intuition, spirit, life, skincare)?

"1: Develop a connection to your eye, gut & intuitive vision. Build on that and let it shine through everything you do. 

2: To savor the small moments, to romanticize life."

When do you feel the most comfortable / confident / connected to yourself?
"When I’m being true to myself ( coming from a recovering people pleaser)"

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

 "Everything is going to be ok. Focus on yourself and embrace the things that make you unique." 



With so many creative ventures across styling, floristry and photography- what is your favourite thing to do when you're not working?

"When I am in between jobs I enjoy traveling. It fills me with so much inspiration and allows me to look at things through a different perspective."


Do you have a favorite piece or collected/heirloom item in your wardrobe? Why is it your fav?

"My dads vintage silver bracelet, which my mom gifted to me a few birthdays ago. I always feel him with me, but especially when I am wearing this."

In a city (and industry) that's always buzzing with the next big thing, how do you stay inspired / grounded?

"I practice meditation everyday, take long walks/ runs in nature, visit my favorite museums, watch films, take time to rest and dream."

Alexis's Ritual:

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