SIDIA Stories x Celine Kaplan

SIDIA Stories x Celine Kaplan
Meet the very French Céline Kaplan, a New York legend and owner of her eponymous PR firm and co-founder lifestyle brand OOOF. She's the go-to PR gal for all the chicest French brands you can think of (we're talking Air France, Selima optique, Le Bon Marché, Ladurée, the french hairstylist Christophe Robin, and more). It doesn't hurt that Kaplan has the most eclectic, daring personal style that extends from her closet to her inspiring New York City apartment. Together, we talked everything from self-care to advice to her younger self.

From growing up in France, college in Paris and moving to The States, what does 'home' feel like to you?

"For me home is only a plane ride away at any given time—a mix of NY, upstate Paris and Lisboa—a bit of everywhere."


Who are the important women or matriarchs in your life? 

"Just like Erin my grandmother was everything to me...and my girlfriends they are my rocks." 


What lessons have you picked up from them (style, intuition, spirit, life, skincare, art)?

"I am a quick learner and they have a lot to teach. I am fortunate enough to have friends with many interests and careers in fashion, art, beauty, business, cooking, architecture - the common denominator is curiosity and humor."


“Develop a connection to your eye, gut & intuitive vision. Build on that and let it shine through everything you do.”

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

"Travel more and live in different countries"

When do you feel the most comfortable / confident / connected to yourself?

"At the moment, working for my newly co founded brand OOOF - out of office forever. It's creative, colorful, and there are no rules."

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What part of your routine is a non-negotiable, can't-live-without step? 

 "One hour of exercise when I wake up with my trainer - IRL or zoom is a non-negotiable followed by lemon with hot water. It is the perfect way for me to start my day." 

Your home is colorful, vibrant and GORG- do you have a favorite piece or heirloom item in your home? 

"Impossible to choose only one, but at the moment I am madly in love with a new painting I bought by Sandrine Lanoy and my bedside lamps by Helena Tyrell sourced at NORDIC ART BY WOMEN." 



What is your favourite thing about being in PR? Was there a situation that made you think, 'yes. this is what i want to do'?

"Great bosses that were aspirational and talented were the catalyst. I love my job—it is still a real pleasure 
to read about your clients, create partnerships and 
tell the story."

In a city (and industry) that's always buzzing with the next big thing, how do you find ways to 'come home to yourself'? 

 “In New York, self care becomes self preservation. Small rituals such as a good book, or lighting a candle are easy enough, but gives you enough serenity and escapism.”



Celine's Ritual:

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