We unapologetically stan a fellow beauty founder—and the enigmatic JJ Walsh is no exception. Her baby, Formula Fig, has taken over from coast-to-coast, all in the name of service & self care, plus top notch aesthetics. Finding herself in Canada, the British-born Walsh, who once worked for the likes of the iconic late Isabella Blow and British Vogue, saw an opportunity to bring her vision for effective, targeted services to market, and Fig was born. We caught up with Walsh on skincare, the advice she'd give her younger self, and more.

Having lived abroad, going from the UK to Canada and now LA, what does 'home' feel like to you?

"Friends joke that there is an uncanny similarity and familiarity with our homes everywhere we have lived it's a formula undoubtedly British, now with a Westcoast flair. Family routines and traditions are maintained, and breakfast time is sacred. I appreciate the art of layering within a home; the more places I live in and visit, the more our home gains patina. And, of course, candles, greenery, books and good lighting are a given."

Who are the important matriarchs in your life?

"My Mother Sylvia Grace. I get my passionate, creative, and maybe flamboyant (!) side from her. She passed on her resourcefulness, and it has set me in good stead like her, I too now sew curtains, paint walls or refinish furniture to decompress there is always a project on the go! She has a magnetic energy the one you notice when you walk into a room and want to be near she's fabulous." 


"My Grandmothers. Both were raised and worked during WW2 in the east end of London. I once would have used the word stoic, but I don't think this is entirely fair or true. The grace with which they have navigated life, children, careers and never once did I hear them complain. They were and are still so grateful for life, it makes me see how fortunate I am that these women in our family came before me to have this incredibly free and independent life." 


My Daughter. Ophelia. I am fiercely driven, as her mother, to take on the baton my mother and grandmothers have provided me to pass on and inch that door even wider for her. She has many of my traits, but better. 


I am drawn to women who have a strong sense of self. My closest girlfriends (old and newer) have a quiet, unshakeable confidence in their abilities and decisions. I always think back to the poem by Sylvia Path Mushrooms written in 1950s England, about women's soft but incredibly powerful strength." 


When do you feel the most connected to yourself?

"Every day I don’t have PMS."


"From a fashion background, camaraderie and a symbiosis with beauty and skincare were always present. The most enjoyable conversations on set often occurred in and around the makeup chair. What I am curious about tends to drive what I do."

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

"Buy the Murano glass chandelier from the Florence flea market you'll regret it if you don't."

When did you start to hone in on skincare?

 "In my 30’s. I spent much time in the beauty cupboard at Conde Nast (it was conveniently adjacent to the fashion cupboard), learning about the newest launches and trends. It’s always been about skin; I have never been one for make-up or hair (probably because I am not very good at it)." 
What's your favourite way to unwind / take time for yourself when you're balancing mom and entrepreneur life?

1. Freshly brewed coffee, podcast on, secateurs in hand,
pottering around the garden.

2. "Out-out, at a fun party. Or out-in, throwing a dinner party at home —
the more the merrier.

3. Regular theatre, gallery, and concert visits… energize and inspire.
Gosh, humans are talented!


    Is there a service you'd recommend for anyone looking to start their Formula Fig skincare journey?

    "A facial. My favourite is the All In it’s the most efficient and efficacious 30 minutes for your skin. I’d also recommend popping into your local Fig Bar, having a chat, and exploring the space  together, we'll figure out what is right for your skin."

    JJ's Ritual:

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