ALEXIS JOHNSON, on Inspiration and Life Perspective

ALEXIS JOHNSON, on Inspiration and Life Perspective
Meet Alexis, LA based Model and Content Creator who shines in her SIDIA.
Meet Alexia Johnson

Who are the SIDIAs in your life? The women who have inspired you with their drive and depth?

There is one woman in my life that completely inspires me to work hard and strive for the absolute best! Her name is Tammy and she has definitely changed my perspective on life. She is a single mom who has worked so incredibly hard to build an amazing life for her and her kids. Working day in and day out; 12-13 hours and it has all paid off. Tammy is patient, kind, loving, and so so generous. Her outlook on life has helped me change mine for the better. She inspired me creatively and is so emotionally supportive. An immense blessing. 

Name the 3 things you're hungry for, in every sense of the word?

  1. Success in my modelling career
  2. Jesus
  3. Pizookie

Alexis wears the Vital Green caftan.

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