SIDIA x Brenn Lorenzo: The Coolest New Yorker You Don’t Know Yet

SIDIA x Brenn Lorenzo: The Coolest New Yorker You Don’t Know Yet

Meet our friend, Brenn Lorenzo. You might recognize the avid skateboarder, model, actress and NYC creative from Betty or Skate Kitchen. We asked her about the women in her life who have inspired her most, her ultimate self care fantasy and never being treated different than the boys.


Who are the women who have inspired you most?


"My mother and grandmother. My mom has always been the embodiment of strength and tenacity. I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am without their guidance and constant support. Because of them, there was never a limit to what I could go after.



How do you define your family? 

"As strong and competitive individuals who motivate each other."

A saying my grandmother would always say is, 'Good, better, best; never let it rest til' your 'good' is better, and your 'better', best'."


What is your favorite thing to do?
"I love a good self care day! My favorite way to unwind is with some face masks, a bottle of wine and Sex and the City."


How did you start skateboarding? 


"When I was 10, my sister and I saw our neighbor skating and thought it was the coolest thing ever. My dad skated when he was younger and was constantly surfing and BMXing. My mom snowboarded and surfed, so they were both super supportive. I’m so thankful they were so open minded to us learning, and never made us feel like it was a boys only thing."

"If you don’t see yourself in a space, don’t be afraid to insert yourself into it. I grew not seeing girls like me in a skatepark, and now I see girls from every background all over the world skating and it’s a beautiful thing."

When do you feel the most comfortable and confident in yourself? 
"In my own skin, because at this point of my life I know who I am."

Describe your perfect day:
"My perfect day is waking up early, making a full breakfast (preferably steak and eggs and of course some coffee), going to a park to sit out and relax with a good book, and having the company of my family."


 Do you have a routine?
"Routines are so important! My morning routine is to wake up early and light a candle, then stretch and meditate for five minutes."

Any shared special places that mean a lot to you as a family?

"Colorado. We would spend countless winter trips going snowboarding together as a family, made many memories out there from gnarly tumbles to enjoying breathtaking views."

What do you help to pass on, or share with each other? 
"Staying humble in any situation."

What are your most treasured moments together?
My most treasured moments are just all of us being together no matter what the occasion.

What are your restorative go-tos when you aren’t feeling like yourself? 
"Affirmations. I always tell myself, 'what’s meant to be yours will always be yours'."


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