MACK NEILSON, on Creativity Through Style

MACK NEILSON, on Creativity Through Style

Meet Mack Neilson: Creative Director in Southern California

Who are the SIDIAs in your life?

Certainly my mother is a SIDIA in my life. Not only does her bravery and drive inspire me, but also instilled in me a love for thrifting and creatively piecing together a beautiful wardrobe (and life). 

Likewise my (future) mother-in-law reminds me to take nothing less than what I deserve. She inspires me to stand up and be loud, even if I'm the only one doing it.

What are the unexpected ways you practice creativity in your every day?

While some may not find it unexpected, my creativity really shines in the way I choose to dress. I really love the craft of clothing - and the stories they tell about the people who wear them. 

I thrift and vintage shop a lot because I love the history behind a garment and because our clothing carries a lot of emotional baggage. Some pieces we wear for special and unforgettable events. Some pieces we hope to forget entirely. Others we live in, day in and day out, and they become a second skin. Plus, each day is a new opportunity to build on that story, and also to show the world who I am through my outfit.

Name the 3 things you're hungry for, in every sense of the word?

  • A good today, but a better tomorrow
  • More life
  • More knowledge

Mack wears the Palo Santo Sage caftan.

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