Style, creativity, and confidence with Amalie Gassmann

Style, creativity, and confidence with Amalie Gassmann
Photos taken by Tara Duross
There are cool girls, and then there’s Amalie Gassmann. Born in San Francisco and raised in Paris, the filmmaker and photographer has shot for Interview, collaborated with Miu Miu, and directed a short film. Amalie also founded the web3 company R3N3GADES, fusing fashion and technology to forge the future of digital style. Her lens is cinematic, her vision is singular, and her style is ineffably chic.

We caught up with Amalie in Paris and went deep on the style secrets she inherited from her grandmother, the joy of creative collaboration, and the one piece of advice she’d tell her younger self.

Who are the important matriarchs in your life?

“My grandmother who is 100! And of course, my mother who I deeply respect and admire for her ambition and work ethic.”

What lessons have you picked up from there? Style, intuition, spirit, life, skincare?

“My grandmother has always moved through life 
with grace and patience. She is so elegant and loves 
to accessorize. My mother has never shied away 
from bold colors and patterns, like her style, she is passionate and confident. Eager to keep learning and stand up for what she believes in. At a young age she also taught me all about skincare and the importance of having a self care routine.”


When do you feel the most connected to yourself?

“I feel the most connected when I’ve taken time for myself like reading a book, doing a facemask, listening to music on a long walk, working out, buying flowers…. My most confident is when I am surrounded by other creatives and collaborating on a project, making 
an idea come to life and capturing or creating a 
special moment.”


“The advice I would give my younger self is to trust the process and not get so defeated in the moment, to let things unfold naturally without trying to control every situation.”

With so many creative ventures, what is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

“When I am not working I love going to the movies 
or a museum. Discovering the city I am in and its restaurants, parks and hidden gems give me so 
much joy!”

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