During a busy week, established morning and wind down rituals are an essential part in finding grounding and ease throughout your day. And it’s so much more than self-care; starting and ending your day on the right note sets the tone and intention for your time, no matter your plans.

Scent especially holds a special place in communicating to your body and mind, almost like muscle memory. An invigorating scent in the morning stimulates and clears the mind, and establishes your energy for the rest of the day. While softer, warming scents in the evening signify a time to wind down, making for a more restful sleep while grounding the body and mind.

Keep in mind the idea of ritual vs a routine: encouraging a shift in mindset from set actions to check off a to-do list, to a meaningful practice with intention at the root.

Wakeup Rituals to Start Your Day

  • Light A Candle: Establish the tone of the day, and turn your everyday routine into a practice with intention and enjoyment. Think scents that invigorate, energize and refresh. Shop WIRED
  • Wash Your Face: A little self-pampering before the hustle and bustle of the day.
  • Feel The Sun: If it’s available where you live. Alternatively, open curtains and drop some vitamin D.
  • Easy Stretching: Now that your senses are awakened, stretch out the kinks in your body and get things moving
  • Journal: Free write, reflect, vent, gain perspective. Set your intentions for the day ahead.

Wind Down Rituals to End Your Day

  • Light A Candle: Take off your bra, let your brain know it’s time to slow down. Combat the stress of the day with soothing scents, think warmth, comfort and tension release. Shop BRALESS
  • Turn Out White Lights: White light confuses the body’s natural rhythms. Switch to ambient and yellow light in the late hours to regulate sleep cycles.
  • Do A Little Dance: Shake off - literally - the density of the day, connecting back with your body. Let your hair down. 
  • Tea Time: Savour the moment, take your time. A favourite mug puts a smile on your face.
  • Journal: Free write, reflect, vent, gain perspective. Have compassion for yourself, reflect on things/ideas/feelings said and not said, notice wisdom gained.

What are your wake-up and wind down rituals? We’d love to hear from you. Email hi@sidiathebrand.com, or tag us on social for a chance to be featured. 

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