A moment at home with Diarrha N'Diaye, founder of trailblazing beauty brand Ami Colé.


Born and raised in Harlem, U.S.A., Diarrha N’Diaye is a first-generation Senegalese-American marketer. Over the past decade, Diarrha has grown and developed brands such as, Rebecca Minkoff, VIBE Magazine, L'Oreal Paris & Glossier.

Today she is the Founder and CEO of emerging beauty brand, Ami Colé, a "better-for-you" brand made to celebrate melanin-rich skin. Diarrha is laser-focused on continuing to demystify stereotypes, shatter glass ceilings, and redefine the often-tainted perception of Black Beauty.

Who are the woman who have inspired you in your life?

Of course my mom - Ami Colé is named after my mother. 

And the woman of the shop! All of my “aunties” (which is what I call them), who are hairstylists. They showed a level of resilience, bravery and courage coming to New York & starting from scratch.

I’m also inspired by my best friends. I think their words of encouragement, leading with courage, and breaking generational curses have inspired me every single day. 

In what ways do you tell your story through Ami Cole?

I tell a story of the little brown girl that probably was not celebrated when she was younger, couldn’t see herself represented in the world. I tell her story, I yell her story, and I celebrate her story because I think it deserves to be seen. 

Ami Colé does just that - through our imagery, voice, and bringing it to the forefront. Finally being able to celebrate it and be seen. It sounds simple, bit it really is for those girls. 

I still see those girls- the girls I used to babysit growing up who are now in college and embarking on their journeys. I hope Ami Colé gives them that sense of home wherever they are in the world. 

If your intuition had a voice, what would it sounds like?

It would be like a deep, sultry, jazz moment! I’m thinking 1920’s Harlem. I’m thinking Nina Simone, Billy Holiday - that very sure voice. It’s able to see clarity through very gloomy times, so I think that voice would sounds very sultry.