Clean, luxe, efficacious body care + fragrance that invite you to care as hard for yourself as you do the world around you. 

Inspired by the legacy of the family matriarch, SIDIA develops formulas and fragrance that liberate the senses. Designed to invoke the feeling of being at ease, we’re redefining what it means to reconnect with yourself as you move through your world and home.

SIDIA is proudly based, formulated & designed in Toronto, Canada.

Our Founder

Erin Kleinberg is the founder of SIDIA, CEO and owner of Métier Creative, an award-winning advertising and branding agency.

Erin was inspired to launch SIDIA in 2020, after the passing of her late grandmother. The real life Sidia's enduring style, humor, resilience, grit, and inherent grace left a legacy that serves as the brand's blueprint today; rooted in comfort, intention, and inviting women to live unfettered and free from restriction. In past lives Erin co-founded Coveteur and her eponymous clothing label. She happily lives in Toronto with her husband and two children.

Social Mission

We inherit many valuable stories and hidden lessons from the generations that came before us — some of which are imbued with wounding, yet carry unparalleled inspiration in tales of resistance and resilience.

The woman behind the brand, Sidia, endured the Holocaust, and as a survivor, had to channel her strength into learning how to forge new narratives forward. Trauma survivors are the strongest amongst us, and with them in mind, we’ve developed a social mission to empower women to create, share, heal and achieve. By providing funds and resources and instituting a female-led creative community through Maison Mentors, we aim to support women as they tell their powerful stories and create impactful career-building experiences. 

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