At SIDIA we celebrate the power of relationships through generations, and the valuable stories we inherit from those that came before us. Many of which, imbued with wounding and trauma at a deeper level. This Intergenerational story is ultimately passed down and unknowingly internalized, shaping our patterns of behavior, being and sense of safety — particularly for women and other marginalized communities.


SIDIA’s brand foundation and social mission is acutely informed by the imprint of Intergenerational Trauma: the woman behind the brand, Sidia, was a survivor who endured the horrors of the Holocaust - the lasting worry and fear of which manifested in her personality, and in the behavioral traits she passed on to her family.

Trauma survivors are the strongest amongst us, learning how to forge new narratives forward. As we begin to learn more about Intergenerational Trauma, SIDIA is committed to addressing its repercussions head on, helping those impacted to heal their stories so they can begin to transition from often painful patterns of survival, to more whole and safe integrated ways of being.


At SIDIA, we know that empowered women make for empowered families, communities and societies. And it’s our privilege to be able to amplify the voices and change-makers making this a reality around the world.

As part of SIDIA’s ongoing commitment to support women and trauma survivors around the world, we will be donating 10% of all launch week sales to the Women Like Us Foundation.

Women Like Us

The Women Like Us Foundation, as a 501C3 nonprofit, is focused on bringing about change by empowering women affected by trauma and hardship, through education and economic development; providing them with equal opportunities in their families, communities and personal lives.

As their flagship project, The Women Like Us Centre provides emotional support and counselling services to women throughout Nakuru, Kenya. The centre provides a safe space to nurture both their physical and emotional being, and free themselves of the narratives passed onto them through generations. While education initiatives, such as sewing, banking, farming and computer skills, empower new stories of self-sustenance and economic liberty.

Read more about the Women Like Us Centre on their website,